Cambridge 6s Results

Somewhat belatedly here are some highlights from the 2019 Cambridge 6s.  Each of the 42 teams competing comprised 2 open players, 2 intermediate and 2 junior. We are a bit short of open players so some of us played up. The 3 teams dressed up around the theme of Deckades. We had the 1920s Flappers in dresses made by Kate, the 1950s Nora Batty's Buddies and the 1970s Hippies. See photos in the Gallery. 

Fun at Cambridge 6s

3 teams of 6,- that's right  18 of us -  headed to the Don Rowlands Centre on Saturday for a day of bridge and fun. 

See photos under the "Gallery" Menu item or here.  More details of how we did will follow. 

Welcome to the Class of 2019

For 10 weeks Hazel Anwell, Karolyn Taylor, Les James, Doug Atkinson, Bruce Taylor and Nick Saunders have all been attending bridge beginner lessons under the able tutorage of Sally Whitaker assisted by Helen Smith and myself.  They were joined by Lynley McDonald who learned a couple of years ago but has been unable to play at the club and wanted to redo the lessons.  Christine, Anthea, Roger and Vicki have also attended some lessons to refresh the basics of the game.

Gold for Blair Fisher

Back in 2002 a young schoolboy, Blair Fisher, attended this club's bridge lessons with Bruce Owen.  Petsy Ralph, Betty Bourne and myself were fellow learners and can remember that  Blair had very good card sense from the beginning and soon developed into a very good player.  While the rest of the class has given up on bridge or are languishing in the lower ranks of players, Blair has climbed the ladder to the very highest level - Gold Grand Master.  

National Newspaper Coverage for Bridge

There have been two articles in national newspapers lately encouraging people to take up bridge.

This one first appeared in the Taupo times and was republished in the NZ Herald.  Follow this link the article.  Taupo Bridge Club Lessons

The second article in the Taranaki Daily News features a High School student encouraging her peers to learn bridge